I co-sponsored and spoke at the wonderful Lead Her Up Retreat last weekend here in Florida. One of the helpful exercises offered was to write a 100 Day Letter to take women's business and leadership further.

But as I ruminate over the world's current state of affairs, I think the next 100 days could be pivotal in how our future is shaped. Stepping ceremonially into this window of time as we are asked to isolate ourselves, to tend to the home fires and ourselves and loved ones, feels correct.

I'm going to write myself a 100 Day Letter about how to make the next 100 days really count...in my #business and #Leadership, yes...but also in my creativity, my personal growth, my relationships, my awareness, my health and my life at all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

It feels honoring at this crucial time to spend the next #100Days intentionally towards a better tomorrow. A true reset to come Home, and to reweave our connections from this new place.

Will you join me in making these 100 days count?

My template for the expanded 100 Day Letter is my heart's gift to you.

Click below to allow me to send it to you.